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Acquisdata Bespoke Research


Acquisdata is an independent publishing and research company established in 2010. Our management have been involved in the publishing and research industries for over 30 years. We have no affiliations or associations with brokers, asset managers, investors, banks, financial institutions or any others with a direct financial interest in stock trading. We will provide you with unbiased, fact based research.


Acquisdata covers over 80 industries and the major companies operating in those industries on a weekly basis for our publishing titles – Industry SnapShot, Company SnapShot, Executive Snapshot and Global Industry SnapShot. Through our sister company, Macrosource Media, we provide in-depth research reports on emerging and dynamic industries. Through our other sister company, Reportal, we have a digital wharehouse of over 165,000 public company reports. So, within our own independent resources , we have access to the research base necessary for providing you with up to date, independent research.

Publishing expertise

Acquisdata’s wealth of publishing and editorial experience means that we understand the need to keep research targeted and of consistently high quality, delivered on time. We also know how to distribute research efficiently and rapidly. We can work with your team to ensure that the research you need is delivered to you on time and in the format in which you wish to receive it - ready for ingestion and distribution through your internal systems.


Acquisdata’s team of highly qualified and experienced analysts are available at your call. They will talk with you about your research requirements and agree with you as to the best way to move forward to satisfy those requirements. If you are not happy with what you are receiving, our analysts will work with you to ensure that you obtain what you want. Biographies of our analysts are available upon request.

Cost Effective

Acquisdata is aware from its many years of publishing involvement that research must be priced reasonably and realistically in terms of the market. We want our clients to keep coming back.